Skin Rejuvenation Oil

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A combination of epidermal complementing herbs and powders that accentuate the youthful glow and elasticity of your skin.

– Skin moisturizer and environmental protectant
– Antiaging and pigment balancing
– Nutritive and purifying to the epidermis
– Reduces redness and soothes irritated skin

Dandelion Root(Taraxacum officinale)
Thyme(Thymus vulgaris)
Turmeric(Curcuma longa)
Yucca Root(Yucca brevifolia)
Ginger(Zingiber officinale)
Rosemary(Rosmarinus officinalis)
Allspice(Pimenta dioica)
Cinnamon(Cinnamomum verum)
Sage(Salvia officinalis)
Neem(Azadirachta indica)
Rosehips(Rosa rugosa)
Fennel Seed(Foeniculum vulgare)

How To Use:
– Gently lather oil between your hands then apply externally to desired body region
– Pour a moderate amount into a warm bath to enjoy the moisturizing benefits

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Herbal Constituents:

Dandelion Root: Alterative, Cholagogue, Aperient, Tonic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-viral
– Rich in vitamins (A,B,C,D), iron, potassium, and zinc
– Protects against UV ray skin damage, aging, and acne
– Enhances skin hydration and boosts collagen production

Thyme Leaf: Expectorant, Antitussive, Antispasmodic, Antibacterial
– Rich in vitamins A and C, magnesium, manganese, potassium, calcium, and copper
– Heals and cleans sores, scares, cuts and burns
– Protects skin from free radical damage and UV ray exposure from the sun

Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory, Alterative, Analgesic, Emmenagogue, Cholagogue
– High in calcium, Vitamins (C,B3), iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium, and manganese
– Known for its high amount of curcumin compounds, turmeric can help wounds heal by decreasing inflammation and oxidation.
– Balances hyperpigmentation and causes skin to glow
– Reduces dark circles around the eyes
– Highly antioxidant and protects ag against environmental damage

Yucca Root: Anti-inflammatory, Alterative, Antirheumatic
– Contains vitamins (A,C), magnesium, potassium, folic acid, and phosphorus
– Natural protector against UV sunray damage
– Balances hyperpigmentation and improves collagen production

Allspice: Anticarcinogenic, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory
– Rich in vitamin (C,B3,B5,B6), potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, and copper
– Contains eugenol, quercetin, gallic acid, and ericifolin. These compounds together provide powerful infection fighting, pain relieving, and cancer reducing properties
– In earlier times allspice has been used to eliminate E. coli and yeast when applied to the skin externally

Cinnamon: slight Stimulant, Analgesic, Astringent, Carminative
– Contains in polyphenols, calcium, vitamin A, potassium, iron, and magnesium
– Soothes dry skin and brightens complexion
– Cinnamon is highly antioxidant and nourishes your skin, reducing visible signs of ageing. It boosts collagen production to ensure a youthful appearance.
– Has been used treat eczema in many cases

Sage: Diaphoretic, Carminative, Stimulant, Antispasmodic
– Contains Vitamins (A,C,E,K), magnesium, zinc, and copper
– Very rich in flavonoids
– Sage can be used to balance hyperpigmentary spots and bright complexion
– The rosmarinic and carnosic acid found in the leaves make it great for reducing free radical damage to the skin
– Regulation the production of sebum; therefore avoids the excesses of fatty and unbalanced skins. It refines the texture of skin, tightens the pores and avoids the appearance of imperfections. It reduces the appearance of cellulite accumulation.

Fennel Seed: Stimulant, Carminative, Antispasmodic, Expectorant, Antiseptic, Tonic
– Rich in vitamins (A,C,D,B6,E), Cobalamin, magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium
– Maintains skin elasticity through its tonifying attributes
– Adds glow to the skin and reduces dark spots and wrinkles
– reduces appearance of cellulite accumulation by deeply penetrating and cleansing the pores
– Deswells the appearance of puffy eyes

Ginger: Stimulant, Antispasmodic, Carminative, Emmenagogue, Antiaging, Anti-inflammatory
– Contains vitamins (C,B2,B3), iron, phosphorus, and calcium
– Fades wrinkles, scars, and appearance of cellulite accumulation
– Protects the skin from harmful UV sunrays
– Assists the skin in flushing out toxins and promotes blood circulation through the anti-inflammatory nature

Neem: Antifungal, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Immunomodulatory
– Contains vitamin C, carotene, calcium, and many essential fatty acids useful for the skin
– High in polyphenols and limonoids
– Pigment balancing and skin moistening
– Soothes irritated skin. Neem has many antioxidant properties making it great to use for inflammatory conditions akin to eczema
– Neem is capable of penetrating the pores and unclogging them; making it great for sebum filtration in the skin.

Rosemary: Antioxidant, Antiseptic, Antibacterial, Antifungal, Antirheumative, Carminative, Aromatic
– Full of iron, calcium, and vitamins (A,B1,B6,C)
– Rosemary possesses a compound called carnosic acid; highly inflammatory in nature and detrimental to cancer cells
– The many essential oils held within the needle-like leaves benefit the epidermis by promoting hydration, antioxidant treatment, and cleanliness. The overall combination of antioxidant oils in rosemary may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks
– Natural skin toner and moisturizer

Rosehips: Astringent, Tonic, Anti-inflammatory
– Contains vitamins (A,B5,C,E,K), manganese, potassium, and calcium
– rich in the essential fatty acids oleic acid, palmitic acid, linoleic acid, gamma linolenic acid
– Rosehips have an anti-aging effect, it is anti-inflammatory and can decrease the appearance of scars and stretch marks. Due to the high amounts of lycopene its has also been proven to protect against free radical damage and over exposure to the sun
– The malic acid present in this herb ensures moisturizing and promotes natural exfoliation.
– Enhance the use of collagen in your skin, refines elasticity, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles

CAUTION: Be sure to read the ingredients listed and confirm you are not allergic to any mentioned.


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